Maree Curtis

New Business Consultant

With over 20 years of experience in the property management sector, Maree Curtis is clearly dedicated to sharing her expertise and providing excellent customer service to her clients.  Her career has exposed her to all facets of asset management, from managing her own portfolios, to successfully fufilling the role of General Manager of a large team of asset managers with 4 offices and over 2500 properties under management.

Maree brings to her role a passion and strong competence for staying organised, in addition to excellent communication and customer service skills.  She is concientious in her work, and diligent in ensuring that her clients receive the best advice and service.

After developing her career in Brisbane, Maree is now happy to call Palm Beach "home" - welcoming the beach lifestyle offered by the Coast.  With a strong knowledge of the local property market and as a propety investor on the Coast herself, Maree is tuned in to the subleties of the Gold Coast investment property market place.  She understands the necessity of maximising the potential from each property investment by realising the best possible reutrn.

If you are looking for advice that you can trust from a career real estate professional and perceptive investor, then Maree welcomes your enquiry.